Why You Are Really Here

We've been guiding enrollees for 14 years!  We know where you are in the process, and we know you may be only a couple questions away from being ready.

You've started your Medicare Research, have a basic plan and idea how you want to enroll, but you are looking for quick answers and not tying up your time!

Reach us directly by calling our office, emailing us, or CLICK THE ICON to schedule a quick, online, one-on-one meeting.

If You're Just Starting Your Medicare Research...

Here are 5 of the most commonly asked questions asked by enrollees: 

  1. I'm turning 65 but not retiring, do I need to go on Medicare?
  2. Are you sure I won't have any penalties?
  3. I know I want a Medicare supplement, how do I find the rates?
  4. I know I want a Medicare Advantage Plan, how do I compare plans?
  5. Do I need Part D, or prescription plan, if I choose a Medicare Advantage plan?

Still Asking "What Should I Do?"

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- Sam P.